Hello, and Welcome, Fellow Planewalker!

This blog is dedicated to the ongoing Planescape campaign. We are using Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 rules set, but a lot of stuff is converted or comes straight from the original AD&D 2e source materials. Without further ado, here’s our current cast of characters:


Chase – renegade warmage who traveled a little bit further than he originally planned (magus 4).
Gorbo – jolly and resourceful gnome who is on the path of becoming no less than a self-taught Master Alchemist (alchemist 3).
Irnad – mysterious androgynous messenger with strange powers and weird abilities (unknown 5).
Phorcas – robust dark elf who accidently escaped from his dying world and now is discovering the wonders of the Planes (ranger 2/fighter 2).
Yorhi – jack-of-all-trades with fiendish blood flowing through his veins (rogue 4).
Zerathul – calculating and calm elf on a personal quest to find evidence of either an ancient antagonism or friendship between his people and humans (wizard 4).

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

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